Welcome to our new 4D8 online game (written by Jaap Scherphuis)

“THE NEW 4D8®” represents an exceptional idea, which is realized, developed, produced and protected by patent by BMC-PRODUCT. Playing “THE NEW 4D8®” means puzzling in four dimensions and by eight faces and colours thousands of different views can be generated. So it will be an entertaining twisty game, which forces and requires creativity, fun and mathematical logic. The following different operations are possible:

You need Java and have to accept any that you want to run this application

PRESS LEFT mouse button for playing

faceturns faceturnsfaceturns

to the game

Bild 1:   Drag the triangle to turn a face.

Bild 2:   Drag the side to twist the tip.

Bild 3:   Drag the background to rotate the whole puzzle.